Why FilterED

School districts invest significant resources in technology every year and the rapid rate of technological change creates challenges in providing the best experience for both students and staff. Having up-to-date information on both the technology infrastructure and the learning experience is critical to support the viability of these investments.

Many formal technology audits are designed for corporate and business environments that do not face the same limitations on resources, revenue, and staffing as those experienced in K-12 education. FilterED provides a reasonable solution for evaluating technology investments that is designed for K-12 education by educators with input from the K-12 community.  

Discover the power of FilterED

Spend less time searching so you can focus on what's important. The highly intuitive dashboard organizes data that makes sense to you.

Contextual data
Collect, analyze and act on complex data that goes beyond “frequency”. Understand the big picture while honing in on the details so you can effectively prioritize, plan and set timelines.

Framework aligned
Streamline processes and increase productivity by using any of the FilterED suite of modules that have been aligned to nationally recognized frameworks.

Collaborate with colleagues
Provide your team members a collaboratively, friendly environment with one platform, one dashboard. Work virtually or in person to get the most out of your data.

Transparent accountability
Practice the art of data storytelling with your school board, community and staff. Shine the light on what’s happening in your district by offering easy to understand data.

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