FilterED IT Governance

Identifying the maturity of infrastructure and governance in your organization provides an opportunity for awareness, prioritization, and planning for growth. This self-assessment offers insights into industry standards and regulations and looks at the maturity of your organization in five key areas. It is aligned to leading frameworks such as: SANS, COBIT, NIST, ISTE Essential Conditions, and CoSN’s Digital LEAP Success Matrix, and TLE Seal.

IT professionals looking at technology needs for their district

Assess and improve your district’s cybersecurity

Guide and prepare your district for cybersecurity attacks and data breaches with FilterED IT Governance.  Ensure you have the right procedures and plans in place in the event an incident occurs. 

FilterED's self-assessment offers insights and the maturity of your district in these five key areas:

  • Governance, architecture, and planning
  • Hardware and software assets
  • Information management
  • Infrastructure
  • Service management and availability
Category Maturity Score and Comparative Average chart

If these questions are on your mind, our experts can help:

  • Are we properly prepared for a ransomware attack? 

  • How do we currently assess the maturity of areas like information management and infrastructure? 

  • Is our district properly prepared in the event of a data breach? 

  • When was the last time we tested our backup plan? 

  • Do we have the proper policies and procedures in place in event of an emergency? 

IT Governance risk assessment identifies gaps in areas like data integrity, disaster recovery, and process mapping. The visual data results and analysis help organizations quickly prioritize areas of opportunity and create a working plan that potentially increases maturity within these vital IT governance areas. Recommendations provide specific documentation aligned to SANS, COBIT, NIST, ISTE Essential Conditions, as well as CoSN’s Digital LEAP Success Matrix and TLE Seal.