A powerhouse platform

FilterED offers two dynamic modules for assessing the impact of technology that can be paired together or used as stand-alone solutions. FilterED technology assessments provide the evidence, data, and context you need to advance the impact of technology on instruction and learning, professional development, IT governance, and more. 

Group of educators finding solutions for their district's technology

Understand how technology impacts student outcomes.

Understand the impact of technology on learning

The FilterED technology evaluation system enables districts to better understand the impact of technology on learning so that you can develop more effective strategic plans that increase fidelity around IT programs and initiatives. Districts use FilterED to collect, measure, and analyze information to obtain visible, contextual data that provides insights needed for educational and IT leaders to promote systemic, positive changes across the organization. FilterED also identifies areas of accountability and equity in the implementation of technology for learning and school management. The intuitive interface and ease of use make FilterED an instrumental tool for any K-12 organization seeking to analyze and improve their education technology landscape.