Explore the modules of FilterED

FilterED provides two unique, yet complimentary assessments that support school districts in using data effectively for technology strategic planning. Each assessment provides insights into your district and can be used separately or together for a more holistic view.  

  • Analyze: Take control of your technology-related data and filter it in ways that provide insight into your planning. All data in FilterED is one click accessible and is displayed in easy-to-view graphics. No more downloading statistics into spreadsheets to create charts and draw conclusions for decision-makers.

  • Inform: Use the insights gleaned from analysis to prioritize projects, write budgets and make evidence-based decisions. Increase your effectiveness with internal and external stakeholders by better understanding their perspectives.

  • Act: Pave the path where you want to be tomorrow by identifying where you are today. Whether it’s slight adjustments, overhauling a program or creating systemic change, move forward with confidence knowing you have the “right” information to act upon.

  • Grow: Monitor and communicate progress by collecting and reviewing FilterED data. This practice nurtures transparent relationships while obtaining buy-in. Increase growth by Identify what’s working and replicate strategies and models across programs and campuses.

IT professionals looking at technology needs for their district

IT Governance

Planning and protecting technology, networks, and data

Teacher instructing in front of a classroom

Instruction, Learning, and Technology (ILT)

Measuring and assessing the impact of technology on learning